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BRCA1 immunostaining reveals discrete, nuclear foci during S phase of the cell cycle. Human Rad51, a homolog of bacterial RecA, behaves similarly. The two proteins were found to colocalize in vivo and to coimmunoprecipitate. BRCA1 residues 758-1064 alone formed Rad51-containing complexes in vitro. Rad51 is also specifically associated with developing(More)
  • Andrew Gelman, Boris Shor, Joseph Bafumi, David Park, Greg Wawro, Robert Erikson +21 others
  • 2005
For decades, the Democrats have been viewed as the party of the poor, with the Republicans representing the rich. Recent presidential elections, however, have shown a reverse pattern, with Democrats performing well in the richer blue states in the northeast and coasts, and Republicans dominating in the red states in the middle of the country and the south.(More)
  • H Christian Reinhardt, Pia Hasskamp, Ingolf Schmedding, Sandra Morandell, Marcel A T M van Vugt, Xiaozhe Wang +5 others
  • 2010
Following genotoxic stress, cells activate a complex kinase-based signaling network to arrest the cell cycle and initiate DNA repair. p53-defective tumor cells rewire their checkpoint response and become dependent on the p38/MK2 pathway for survival after DNA damage, despite a functional ATR-Chk1 pathway. We used functional genetics to dissect the(More)
Defective mitochondrial distribution in neurons is proposed to cause ATP depletion and calcium-buffering deficiencies that compromise cell function. However, it is unclear whether aberrant mitochondrial motility and distribution alone are sufficient to cause neurological disease. Calcium-binding mitochondrial Rho (Miro) GTPases attach mitochondria to motor(More)
The role of mitochondria in cell metabolism and survival is controlled by calcium signals that are commonly transmitted at the close associations between mitochondria and endoplasmic reticulum (ER). However, the physical linkage of the ER-mitochondria interface and its relevance for cell function remains elusive. We show by electron tomography that ER and(More)
Mitochondria are dynamic organelles in cells. The control of mitochondrial motility by signaling mechanisms and the significance of rapid changes in motility remains elusive. In cardiac myoblasts, mitochondria were observed close to the microtubular array and displayed both short- and long-range movements along microtubules. By clamping cytoplasmic [Ca2+](More)
This study presents a theoretical and methodological review of communication research about the internet. Through a thematic meta-analysis of recent research publications about the internet, we identified topical, methodological and theoretical trends of current internet studies. The patterns of the internet research agenda are discussed in relation to a(More)
Muscarinic acetylcholine receptors (mAChRs) provide viable targets for the treatment of multiple central nervous system disorders. We have used cheminformatics and medicinal chemistry to develop new, highly selective M4 allosteric potentiators. VU10010, the lead compound, potentiates the M4 response to acetylcholine 47-fold while having no activity at other(More)
Drug discovery is a competitive discipline that requires constant innovation and refinement as a combination of market, patient, and regulatory concerns require that com-pany's balance their novel, clinically unvalidated molecular targets with validated targets (KO, ASO, siRNA) because the attrition rate for novel targets is substantial. The dramatic(More)
(S)-N-[1-(3-Morpholin-4-ylphenyl)ethyl]-3-phenylacrylamide (2) was synthesized as an orally bioavailable KCNQ2 potassium channel opener. In a rat model of migraine, 2 demonstrated significant oral activity in reducing the total number of cortical spreading depressions induced by potassium chloride.