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The Rat microRNA body atlas; Evaluation of the microRNA content of rat organs through deep sequencing and characterization of pancreas enriched miRNAs as biomarkers of pancreatic toxicity in the rat
An improved rat microRNA body atlas consisting of 21 and 23 tissues of toxicologic interest from male and female Sprague Dawley rats respectively is impart, useful in identifying new candidate miRNA biomarkers of organ toxicity in 2 toxicologically relevant species. Expand
Navigating tissue chips from development to dissemination: A pharmaceutical industry perspective
A strategic roadmap is outlined to unite innovators and end users thus making implementation smooth and rapid of tissue chip technology adoption and ensuring success will be delivered by a partnership approach as well as a deep understanding of the context within which these chips will actually be used. Expand
Evaluating Associations between Non-Clinical Cardiovascular Functional Endpoints and Repeat-Dose Cardiovascular Toxicity in the Beagle Dog: A Cross-Company Initiative.
Observed functional changes could prompt moving (sub)chronic toxicology studies forward, to identify cardiovascular liabilities earlier in development, and reduce late stage attrition. Expand