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D. Watson and A. Tellegen (19X5') proposed a "consensual" structure of affect based on J. A. Russell's (1980) circumplcx. The authors" review of the literature indicates that this 2-factor model captures robust structural properties of self-rated mood. Nevertheless, the evidence also indicates that the circumplcx does not fit the data closely and needs to(More)
Prefetching is a double-edged sword. It can hide the latency of data transfers over poor and intermittently connected wireless networks, but the costs of prefetching in terms of increased energy and cellular data usage are potentially substantial, particularly for data prefetched incorrectly. Weighing the costs and benefits of prefetching is complex, and(More)
Recently, overlay networks have emerged as a means to enhance end-to-end application performance and availability. Overlay networks attempt to leverage the inherent redundancy of the Internet's underlying routing infrastructure to detour packets along an alternate path when the given primary path becomes unavailable or suffers from congestion. However, the(More)
This paper describes the architecture and implementation of Windmill, a passive network protocol performance measurement tool. Windmill enables experimenters to measure a broad range of protocol performance metrics by both reconstructing application-level network protocols and exposing the underlying protocol layers' events. Windmill is split into three(More)
The authors investigated the stability of personality and trait affect in young adults. In Studies 1 and 2, young adults were retested on a Big Five personality measure and a trait affect inventory over a 2.5-year and a 2-month period, respectively. Results from Study 1 point to positive mean-level changes; participants scored higher on Extraversion,(More)
Mobile devices face a diverse and dynamic set of networking options. Using those options to the fullest requires knowledge of application intent. This paper describes Intentional Networking, a simple but powerful mechanism for handling network diversity. Applications supply a declarative label for network transmissions, and the system matches transmissions(More)
INTRODUCTION Post-operative outcomes may be improved by the use of flow related end-points for intra-venous fluid and/or low dose inotropic therapy. The mechanisms underlying this benefit remain uncertain. The objective of this study was to assess the effects of stroke volume guided intra-venous fluid and low dose dopexamine on tissue microvascular flow and(More)
Few studies have examined the links between personality variables and sleep and their combined effect on specific real-world outcomes. Participants in this study completed numerous personality, sleep, and performance measures; we examined the associations among these measures. Personality was assessed using the Five-Factor Model. The personality trait of(More)
The monitoring of unused Internet address space has been shown to be an effective method for characterizing Internet threats including Internet worms and DDOS attacks. Because there are no legitimate hosts in an unused address block, traffic must be the result of misconfiguration, backscatter from spoofed source addresses, or scanning from worms and other(More)