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We study the determinants of the 'video window' (the interval between a movie's theatrical and video releases), based on a sample of 1,157 films released on video between 1988 and 1997. For subsets of films having shorter theater (cinema) run lengths (1 to 17 weeks), windows were generally longer than, and largely invariant to, measures of the time required(More)
Using a 2004 cross-sectional database of digital cable systems in the U.S., we provide new evidence that the effects of vertical ownership ties between systems and programming suppliers persist in spite of extensive channel capacity expansion, as well as new competition from direct broadcast satellites. Focusing on four program network groups (basic outdoor(More)
We thank Video Store Magazine (VSM) for providing the primary database for this study, and A.C. Neilsen, Co. for providing supplementary data. Judith McCourt and Melinda Saccone of VSM gave us expert advice from an industry perspective, as did a number of industry executives that we interviewed. We are very grateful to and participants in workshop seminars(More)
BACKGROUND Defects in the human Shwachman-Bodian-Diamond syndrome (SBDS) protein-coding gene lead to the autosomal recessive disorder characterised by bone marrow dysfunction, exocrine pancreatic insufficiency and skeletal abnormalities. This protein is highly conserved in eukaryotes and archaea but is not found in bacteria. Although genomic and biophysical(More)
The availability of intense microbeam macromolecular crystallography beamlines at third-generation synchrotron sources has enabled data collection and structure solution from microcrystals of <10 µm in size. The increased likelihood of severe radiation damage where microcrystals or particularly sensitive crystals are used forces crystallographers to acquire(More)
In an industry with upstream economies of scale in the distribution of differentiated products to retailers which have monopoly power within separate local market areas, the retailers have an incentive to exert monopsony power due to the divergence between average and marginal costs in the distribution of those inputs. The retailers increase their ability(More)
The experience of cable television indicates that vertically integrated ISPs have plausible incentives to favor their affiliated content and to restrict entry of nascent rival content services, but these incentives are weakened in some respects, and strengthened in others, by differences in the economic architectures of cable and Internet broadband.(More)
We are grateful to Yu-lu Liu, Robert Picard, and other attendees at the conferences for their contributions. Abstract Unlike most media, the U.S. television industry has continued to prosper as broadband diffusion has grown to reach over 2/3 of households. We first identify the source of standard TV's long term prosperity: technology, especially digital(More)
A new indexing method is presented which is capable of indexing multiple crystal lattices from narrow wedges of diffraction data. The method takes advantage of a simplification of Fourier transform-based methods that is applicable when the unit-cell dimensions are known a priori. The efficacy of this method is demonstrated with both semi-synthetic(More)