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As memory accesses become slower with respect to the processor and consume more power with increasing memory size, the focus of memory performance and power consumption has become increasingly important. With the trend to develop multi-threaded, multi-core processors, the demands on the memory system will continue to scale. However, determining the optimal(More)
In March 2003, a novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV) was discovered in association with cases of severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS). The sequence of the complete genome of SARS-CoV was determined, and the initial characterization of the viral genome is presented in this report. The genome of SARS-CoV is 29,727 nucleotides in length and has 11 open reading(More)
The detection of viral pathogens is of critical importance in biology, medicine, and agriculture. Unfortunately, existing techniques to screen for a broad spectrum of viruses suffer from severe limitations. To facilitate the comprehensive and unbiased analysis of viral prevalence in a given biological setting, we have developed a genomic strategy for highly(More)
BACKGROUND Diarrhea is the third leading infectious cause of death worldwide and is estimated to be responsible for approximately 2 million deaths a year. While many infectious causes of diarrhea have been established, approximately 40% of all diarrhea cases are of unknown etiology. In an effort to identify novel viruses that may be causal agents of(More)
The prevalence of cholesterol gallstones differs among inbred strains of mice fed a diet containing 15% (wt/wt) dairy fat, 1% (wt/wt) cholesterol, and 0.5% (wt/wt) cholic acid. Strains C57L, SWR, and A were notable for a high prevalence of cholelithiasis; strains C57BL/6, C3H, and SJL had an intermediate prevalence; and strains SM, AKR, and DBA/2 exhibited(More)
Lith genes control susceptibility to cholesterol gallstone formation in inbred strains of mice on a lithogenic diet containing high fat, high cholesterol and 0.5% cholic acid. Our study defines the physical-chemical phenotypes of C57L, AKR, and (C57L x AKR) F1 mouse gallbladder biles during 56 days on the lithogenic diet. We found enhanced cholesterol(More)
OBJECTIVE To characterize the natural history and factors related to hepatocellular adenoma (HCA) development in glycogen storage disease type Ia (GSD Ia). STUDY DESIGN Retrospective chart review was performed for 117 patients with GSD Ia. Kaplan-Meier analysis of HCA progression among two groups of patients with GSD Ia (5-year mean triglyceride(More)
Primary biliary cirrhosis is a multifactor autoimmune disease characterized by hepatic and systemic manifestations, with immune system dysregulation and abnormalities in the hepatic metabolism of bile salts, lipids, and nutrients, as well as destruction of membrane lipids and mitochondrial dysfunction. Both oxidative and nitrosative stress are associated(More)
Performance gains in memory have traditionally been obtained by increasing memory bus widths and speeds. The diminishing returns of such techniques have led to the proposal of an alternate architecture, the fully-buffered DIMM. This new standard replaces the conventional memory bus with a narrow, high-speed interface between the memory controller and the(More)