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In this paper we first introduce the concepts of utilisation ratio and effective speedup and their relations to the system performance. We then describe a two-level scheduling scheme which can be used to achieve good performance for parallel jobs and good response for interactive sequential jobs and also to balance both parallel and sequential workloads.(More)
We report the implementation of a scheduling method which combines time sharing and space sharing on AP/Linux. To run many tasks simultaneously on a parallel computer, the parallel computer system needs a partitioning algorithm that can partition processors for incoming tasks. However, a typical problem for the algorithm is a blockade situation, which(More)
Users looking for books online are confronted with both professional meta-data and user-generated content. The goal of the Interactive Social Book Search Track was to investigate how users used these two sources of information, when looking for books in a leisure context. To this end participants recruited by four teams performed two different tasks using(More)
BACKGROUND While socio-economic status has been shown to be an important determinant of health and physical activity in adults, results for children and adolescents are less consistent. The purpose of this study, therefore, is to examine whether physical activity and sedentary behavior differs in children by socio-economic status (SES) independent of body(More)
BACKGROUND Scotland has been dubbed 'the sick man of Europe' on account of its higher mortality rates compared with other western European countries. It is not clear the length of time for which Scotland has had higher mortality rates. The root causes of the higher mortality in Scotland remain elusive. METHODS Life expectancy data from the Human Mortality(More)
BACKGROUND Gene expression patterns in the brain are strongly influenced by the severity and duration of physiological stress at the time of death. This agonal effect, if not well controlled, can lead to spurious findings and diminished statistical power in case-control comparisons. While some recent studies match samples by tissue pH and clinically(More)
Analytical Target Cascading (ATC) is a product development tool that computes component design specifications such that the final system design is consistent and meets design targets. ATC is useful for complex product design that must be approached by decomposition , and facilitates concurrent design activities. While ATC has been applied successfully to(More)