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Area Sensitivity in North American Grassland Birds: Patterns and Processes
Grassland birds have declined more than other bird groups in North America in the past 35–40 years (Vickery and Herkert 2001, Sauer et al. 2008), prompting a wide variety of research aimed atExpand
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Associations of Grassland Birds with Landscape Factors in Southern Wisconsin
Abstract We investigated the association of grassland birds with field- and landscape-level habitat variables in south-central Wisconsin during 1985–1987. Landscape-level variables were measured andExpand
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Some ecological and socio-economic considerations for biomass energy crop production☆
Abstract Power generation using biomass could provide substantial environmental and socio-economic benefits. Production of the feedstocks to fuel biomass power plants can either add to potentialExpand
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Grassland Bird Use of Remnant Prairie and Conservation Reserve Program Fields in an Agricultural Landscape in Wisconsin
Abstract Because of the declines in grassland bird populations across North America, many state and federal agencies are making efforts to manage for grassland bird populations, particularly in aExpand
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Grassland bird response to harvesting switchgrass as a biomass energy crop
The combustion of perennial grass biomass to generate electricity may be a promising renewable energy option. Switchgrass (Panicum virgatum) grown as a biofuel has the potential to provide a cashExpand
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Strategic Grassland Bird Conservation throughout the Annual Cycle: Linking Policy Alternatives, Landowner Decisions, and Biological Population Outcomes
Grassland bird habitat has declined substantially in the United States. Remaining grasslands are increasingly fragmented, mostly privately owned, and vary greatly in terms of habitat quality andExpand
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Impacts of Tree Rows on Grassland Birds and Potential Nest Predators: A Removal Experiment
Globally, grasslands and the wildlife that inhabit them are widely imperiled. Encroachment by shrubs and trees has widely impacted grasslands in the past 150 years. In North America, most grasslandExpand
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Bird Productivity and Nest Predation in Agricultural Grasslands
Effective conservation strategies for grassland birds in agricultural landscapes require understanding how nesting success varies among different grassland habitats. A key component to this isExpand
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Cattle trampling of simulated ground nests in rotationally grazed pastures.
For many grassland songbird species, pastures represent some of the best available breeding habitat in the Upper Midwest. Increasing interest in intensive rotational grazing (IRG) among midwesternExpand
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