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The injuries of platform logistics
In order to understand the social impact of digital platforms, we need to examine the ways in which they reconfigure space – not only through critique of that reconfiguring but also examination of
Class, trust and confessional media in Austerity Britain
This article situates The Jeremy Kyle Show, a television talk show broadcast in the United Kingdom, in wider narratives of austerity politics in order to explore the reinforcement and legitimation
Communication as a moral vocation: Safe space and freedom of speech
The use of safe spaces in universities has become increasingly controversial over the last few years. Safe spaces are set up to offer an environment in which marginalised identities and hidden
Bearing Witness, Moral Responsibility and Distant Suffering
Media analyses of the aesthetic presentation of news frequently and persuasively demonstrate the skewed ethics of news production, where those in need who are distant and dissimilar are often
‘Total Gating’: Sociality and the Fortification of Networked Spaces
Abstract Starting with a description of Wynyard Park in Teesside, a development that combines gated residence, workplace and leisure space, ‘fear of the other’ is identified as a key but
Avatar Ethics: Beyond Images and Signs
Emmanuel Levinas argues that moral responsibility is enacted in the encounter between two people. Increasingly, however, encounters take place online and, rather than between two people, are mediated