David W. Slater

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In the fall of 1997 the Atmospheric Radiation Measurement program conducted a study of water-vapor-abundance-measurement at its southern Great Plains site. The large number of instruments included four solar radiometers to measure the columnar water vapor (CWV) by measuring solar transmittance in the 0.94-mum water-vapor absorption band. At first, no(More)
Molecular hybridization between [(3)H]-poly(U) and unlabeled RNA prepared from sea urchin eggs and embryos has been used to contrast the subcellular localization as well as the size distribution of adenylylated maternal RNA preexisting in the unfertilized egg with that adenylylated as a function of fertilization. Evidence reported establishes that such(More)
Polyadenylylated RNA from sea urchin embryos concomitantly labeled with [(3)H]adenosine and [(14)C]uridine between fertilization and the four-cell stage was used to determine whether the RNA primers prerequisite to the massive polyadenylylation known to occur after fertilization are synthesized during oogenesis or subsequent to fertilization.(More)
The products of cell-free ATP incorporation mediated by cytoplasmic fractions prepared from unfertilized sea urchin eggs, anucleate egg halves, nucleate egg halves, emetine-treated fertilized eggs, and four-cell embryos have been characterized to determine to what extent the polymers synthesized are poly(A) and to assess the size distribution of the primers(More)