David W . S . Tai

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Although the role of gonadal steroids in inducing the LH surge is undisputed, the mechanism(s) whereby steroids induce the release of the hypothalamic luteinizing hormone-releasing hormone (LHRH) remain(s) enigmatic. In this study we examined the issue of the presence of steroid receptors in LHRH neurons using a mammalian species that has a true luteal(More)
This study proposes a novel approach to fuzzy importance-performance analysis (FIPA) to modify conventional importance-performance analysis (IPA) for determining critical attributes in e-learning system measurements. There is an abundance of literature pertaining to the e-learning framework, but there is a shortage of literature on how to implement properly(More)
E-learning has been widely used in this society in line with the rapid growth of technology, and it is the best way to accomplish lifelong learning. A number of studies have suggested that there is a difference in males’ and females’ achievement and attitudes relating to computer use. Due to the gender differences in learners’ achievement and attitudes(More)
This study analyzed the effects of two heterogeneous cooperative groupings’ blended learning on programming design learning achievements and attitudes. To achieve the above objective, this study used a quasi-experimental design to conduct the experiment. Additionally, the research instruments used in this study included: Thinking Styles Inventory, cognitive(More)
This study aims to analyze the effect of e-learning on photonics technology and daily livings among college students. The course contents of photonics technology and daily livings are first drafted based on research discussions and expert interviews. Having expert questionnaires with Delphi Technique for three times, the knowledge units and items for the(More)
This research purpose of this study was to explore the teachers' collective efficacy influence to the student learning outcomes, and the results will provide to teaching reference. This research applies the survey research method (valid retrieved questionnaires including 372 teachers and 1116 students) and through Structural Equation Modeling (SEM)(More)
The purpose of this research was to examine the differences that exist between the genders regarding family-friendly policies and work-family balance. The results revealed differences between the two genders in matters related to family-friendly policies and work-family balance. Regarding family-friendly policies, female managers were more interested in(More)
The purpose of this study is to build e-learning system for constructivist programming design course. Base on the e-learning system, researchers carried out experimental teaching and investigated how constructivist programming design course influenced college students' performance. The results were shown as follows: 1. After eliminating the effects of the(More)
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