David W. Robertson

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BACKGROUND While the desirability of interdisciplinary inquiry has been widely acknowledged, indeed has become 'the mantra of science policy', the methods of interdisciplinary collaboration are opaque to outsiders and generally remain undescribed. DISCUSSION Many have analysed interdisciplinarity, especially in relation to the creation of new disciplines(More)
We describe a versatile, low cost, video movie making system for generating and displaying scientific graphics from remote supercomputers. The system makes video movies by single frame animation from the output of time dependent, numerical simulations typically done on supercomputers. The system uses extensive data compression to permit its use over wide(More)
We have developed 1 a set of techniques for providing interactive 3D graphics via the World Wide Web (WWW) as part of the " Whole Frog " project[1]. The success of this project indicates that the Web and its associated browsers can serve as an easily used and powerful fr ont end to high-performance computing resources. We utilize the Common Gateway(More)
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