David W. Petr

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—The Rapidly Deployable Radio Network (RDRN) is an architecture and experimental system to develop and evaluate hardware and software components suitable for implementing mobile, rapidly deployable, and adaptive wireless communications systems. The driving application for the RDRN is the need to quickly establish a communications infrastructure following a(More)
This paper describes an efficient, measurement-based technique for estimating all minimal sets of usage parameter control (UPC) parameters for variable bit rate (VBR) ATM traffic streams. This virtual buffer measurement technique is applicable to simulation or live traffic measurement environments and is considerably more efficient than direct evaluation(More)
— Interference due to transmissions by adjacent nodes in a multi-hop wireless network can be modeled using a Unit Disc Graph (UDG). We investigate the reliability associated with using the clique number instead of the chromatic number of the UDG while computing the interference. In our extensive simulations with UDGs of random networks, we observed that the(More)