David W. Petr

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For Internet Telephony to be a viable alternative to the Public Switch Telephone Network (PSTN), efficient and high quality communications are required. This paper proposes an optimization algorithm that selects parameters like coding scheme, packet loss bound, and maximum link utilization level in a Voice over IP (VoIP) network. The goal is to deliver(More)
—The Rapidly Deployable Radio Network (RDRN) is an architecture and experimental system to develop and evaluate hardware and software components suitable for implementing mobile, rapidly deployable, and adaptive wireless communications systems. The driving application for the RDRN is the need to quickly establish a communications infrastructure following a(More)
— Interference due to transmissions by adjacent nodes in a multi-hop wireless network can be modeled using a Unit Disc Graph (UDG). We investigate the reliability associated with using the clique number instead of the chromatic number of the UDG while computing the interference. In our extensive simulations with UDGs of random networks, we observed that the(More)
This paper describes a gigabit LAN/WAN gateway being developed for the MAGIC gigabit testbed. The gateway interfaces a gigabit LAN developed by DEC Systems Research Center and the MAGIC SONET/ATM wide area network. The UNI provides 622 Mb/s throughput between the LAN and WAN environments, and supports either a single OC-12c or four OC-3c tributaries. The(More)