David W. P. Thomas

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It is known that the nucleoplasmic ionised calcium concentration (Can) controls nuclear functions such as transcription, although the source and nature of the signals which modulate Can are unclear. Using confocal imaging, we investigated the subcellular origin of Can signals in Fluo-3-loaded HeLa cells. Our data indicate that all signals which increased(More)
Quantifying the magnitude of Ca2+ signals from changes in the emission of fluorescent indicators relies on assumptions about the indicator behaviour in situ. Factors such as osmolarity, pH, ionic strength and protein environment can affect indicator properties making it advantageous to calibrate indicators within the required cellular or subcellular(More)
The topic of nuclear Ca2+ signalling is beset by discrepant observations of substantial nuclear/cytoplasmic gradients. The reasons why some labs have recorded such gradients, whilst other workers see equilibration of Ca2+(cyt) and Ca2+(nuc) using the same cells and techniques, is unexplained. Furthermore, how such gradients could arise across the NE that(More)
Thymus-dependent (T) lymphocytes from (2 x 13)F1 hybrid guinea pigs immunized to ovalbumin (OVA) in complete Freund's adjuvant can be stimulated to proliferate in vitro by antigen-pulsed peritoneal exudate cells (PECs) derived from either strain 2 or strain 13 donors. In this communication, we show that the population of primed F1 T lymphocytes which can be(More)
BACKGROUND Adult smoking has its roots in adolescence. If individuals do not initiate smoking during this period it is unlikely they ever will. In high income countries, smoking rates among Indigenous youth are disproportionately high. However, despite a wealth of literature in other populations, there is less evidence on the determinants of smoking(More)
Chronic non-healing wounds are a major health problem with resident bacteria strongly implicated in their impaired healing. A rapid-screen to provide detailed knowledge of wound bacterial populations would therefore be of value and help prevent unnecessary and indiscriminate use of antibiotics—a process associated with promoting antibiotic resistance. We(More)
In order to analyze the molecular structures involved in T-cell recognition we developed an in vitro primary response against alloantisera bound to histocompatibility antigens in which nonimmune guinea pig T cells can be sensitized and subsequently challenged in tissue culture with antisera-treated macrophages. If macrophages were incubated with(More)
Herpes simplex viruses (HSV)-1 and-2 enter latency in peripheral ganglia during which time a number of latency associated transcripts (LATs) are produced. The most abundant (2 kb) LAT contains ORFs of significant size which could play a role in latency. We hypothesized that the leader sequence of the 2 kb LAT might regulate expression of the LAT ORFs in(More)
BACKGROUND Acute respiratory illness (ARI) is the most common cause of acute presentations and hospitalisations of young Indigenous children in Australia and New Zealand (NZ). Environmental tobacco smoke (ETS) from household smoking is a significant and preventable contributor to childhood ARI. This paper describes the protocol for a study which aims to(More)