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Inefficient glycosylation caused by defective synthesis of lipid-linked oligosaccharide donor results in multi-systemic syndromes known as congenital disorders of glycosylation type I (CDG-I). Strong loss of function mutations are embryonic lethal, patients with partial losses of function are occasionally born but are very ill, presenting with defects in(More)
Zinc-deficient rats have an increased preference for sodium chloride (saltwater). We investigated the possibility that this elevated saltwater preference is due to nonfunctional taste receptors. In experiment I, zinc-deficient rats consumed more saltwater than zinc-sufficient rats at most sodium chloride concentrations tested (0.001-1.0 M). When the(More)
The hydrolysis of CSF glutamine as proposed by Harst et al. (2) was shown to be incomplete due to the low acid concentration in the reaction. Complete hydrolysis was achieved with a higher acid concentration. Because glutamine is stoichiometrically converted to ammonia and glutamic acid, both ammonia and glutamine can be used as standard solutions. It was(More)
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