David W. Meer

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This paper examines the stability of the exible-object impedance c ontroller when coupled to an arbitrary passive environment. A simple representative system is developed to study the problem based on phenomena observed in a more c omplex, experimental system. Analysis of this representative system leads to several conclusions regarding factors that limit(More)
— The electron-proton collider HERA is being upgraded to provide higher luminosity from the end of the year 2001. In order to enhance the selectivity on exclusive processes a Fast Track Trigger (FTT) with high momentum resolution is being built for the H1 Collaboration. The FTT will perform a 3-dimensional reconstruction of curved tracks in a magnetic field(More)
In order to be able to treat mobile tumours with active, scanned proton therapy, adequate motion mitigation techniques have to be applied. Re-scanning is such an approach, where the interplay effect between tumour motion and treatment delivery is statistically smeared out. Different re-scanning methods have been used for the irradiation of a spherical(More)
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