David W. Low

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Powerful masticatory muscles are found in most primates, including chimpanzees and gorillas, and were part of a prominent adaptation of Australopithecus and Paranthropus, extinct genera of the family Hominidae. In contrast, masticatory muscles are considerably smaller in both modern and fossil members of Homo. The evolving hominid masticatory(More)
This study investigated the body image concerns of women who sought cosmetic breast augmentation. Thirty breast augmentation candidates completed several measures of body image before their initial surgical consultation. Thirty physically similar women who were not interested in breast augmentation were recruited from the medical center and university(More)
A case of forehead lipoblastoma simulating a hemangioma in a male infant is reported, to alert pediatricians to this rare tumor and to increase the index of suspicion in atypical hemangiomas. A 2-month-old male infant developed a protruding forehead mass with increased vascularity. It demonstrated progressive and accelerated growth over the subsequent 6(More)
BACKGROUND Recurrent incisional hernia repair is associated with high recurrence and wound complication rates. METHODS The clinical courses of patients who underwent recurrent incisional hernia repair via retromuscular mesh placement with concomitant panniculectomy at a university teaching hospital from 1999 to 2004 were reviewed retrospectively.(More)
We present herein our technique for the management of pyogenic granulomas. Twenty such lesions were treated in 13 patients by shave excision followed by laser photocoagulation of the base. Recurrence was noted in just one case and was successfully treated by repeated laser treatment. The cosmetic results have been uniformly excellent. Shave excision(More)
Vascular anomalies are congenital lesions that most often first present in pediatric patients. Treatment of these lesions is a multidisciplinary team approach, involving several specialties, including diagnostic and interventional radiology, dermatology, general and plastic surgery, otolaryngology, and hematology. Knowing the characteristic findings of(More)
Participants in racquet sports are prone to a host of soft-tissue injuries to their hands and wrists owing to the direct impact of the handle as well as the repetitive stretching that occurs as the wrist is forcefully whipped into extremes of position. Tendinitis can occur in all tendons but is most common in the first dorsal compartment, flexor carpi(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate the clinical outcomes of percutaneous sclerotherapy for congenital head and neck lymphatic malformations in our institution. MATERIALS AND METHODS Over a 7-year period, 17 children (10 M, 7 F) mean age 5.8 months (5 days to 13 months) underwent 49 sclerotherapy procedures for congenital head and neck malformations. The imaging and(More)