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Powerful masticatory muscles are found in most primates, including chimpanzees and gorillas, and were part of a prominent adaptation of Australopithecus and Paranthropus, extinct genera of the family Hominidae. In contrast, masticatory muscles are considerably smaller in both modern and fossil members of Homo. The evolving hominid masticatory(More)
Two experiments were done to study asymmetry in left and right cerebral hemispheres while subjects performed in verbal and nonverbal tasks, including a complex visuomotor T.V. tennis game (Pong). Previous analyses demonstrated asymmetries of alpha activity during these tasks, and in this paper we describe sequential changes of alpha asymmetry associated(More)
BACKGROUND The muscular dystrophies exemplify a class of systemic disorders for which widespread protein replacement in situ is essential for treatment of the underlying genetic disorder. Somatic gene therapy will require efficient, scale-independent transport of DNA-containing macromolecular complexes too large to cross the continuous endothelia under(More)
The authors report the case of a 14-year-old girl with a residual malignant peripheral nerve sheath tumor after thoracotomy, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy. The residual tumor, which involved the intercostal muscles, aorta, and neural foramina of T4-10, was completely resected through a costotransversectomy and multiple hemilaminotomies with the(More)
LEARNING OBJECTIVES After reading this article and watching the accompanying videos, the participant should be able to: 1. Assess patients seeking facial volumization and correlate volume deficiencies anatomically. 2. Identify appropriate fillers based on rheologic properties and anatomical needs. 3. Recognize poor candidates for facial volumization. 4.(More)
Bilateral EEGs were recorded from central, temporal and parietal scalp locations from seven male and seven female human subjects (Ss) while they were engaged in verbal and non-verbal tasks. Alpha power was higher in the right hemisphere when Ss listened to verbal material being read to them; the reverse was true when Ss performed in an imaginative block(More)
Participants in racquet sports are prone to a host of soft-tissue injuries to their hands and wrists owing to the direct impact of the handle as well as the repetitive stretching that occurs as the wrist is forcefully whipped into extremes of position. Tendinitis can occur in all tendons but is most common in the first dorsal compartment, flexor carpi(More)
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