David W. L. Yen

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The Cydra 5 is a heterogeneous multiprocessor system that targets small work groups or departments of scientists and engineers. The two types of processors are functionally specialized for the different components of the work load found in a departmental setting. The Cydra 5 numeric processor, based on a directed-data-flow architecture, provides(More)
The Cydra 5 exploited both fine-grained and coarse-grained parallelism for a broad class of compute-intensive tasks. It utilized a unique architecture designed for efficient compilation and execution of inner loops, as well as parallel execution of nonloop code. We discuss the architecture and implementation of the numeric processor and its associated(More)
The storage requirements for component labeling and feature extraction operations are unknown a priori. Whenever large images are processed, many labels, and thus a large amount of storage, may be required, making hardware implementation difficult. The proposed labeling procedure eliminates memory overflow by enabling the reuse of memory locations in which(More)
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