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A gap exists between the growing prevalence of peripheral displays and appropriate methods for their evaluation. Mankoff et al. [11] present one attempt to bridge this gap by adapting Nielsen's Heuristic evaluation to the defining characteristics and goals of peripheral displays. In this paper, we present a complementary approach that depends on active user(More)
The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), and Sections 504 and 508 of the Rehabilitation Act, prohibit discrimination against people with disabilities in all aspects of daily life, including education, work, and access to places of public accommodations. Increasingly, these antidiscrimination laws are used by persons with disabilities to ensure equal(More)
Ada is an entertainment exhibit that is able to interact with many people simultaneously, using a language of light and sound. " She " received 553,700 visitors over 5 months during the Swiss Expo.02 in 2002. In this paper we present the broad motivations, design and technologies behind Ada, and a first overview of the outcomes of the exhibit. Ada is an(More)
While one can characterize deep and shallow models at a high level of abstraction and contrast their relative merits in a general way, this provides little direction for knowledge engineering. In particular, the field lacks a clear definition of 'knowledge depth' and lacks guidelines regarding the appropriate depth of models for a given application, in this(More)
Do democracies make more effective coercive threats? An influential literature in international relations argues that democratic institutions allow leaders to credibly signal their resolve in crises, thereby making their threats more likely to work than threats by nondemocracies+ This article revisits the quantitative evidence for this proposition, which we(More)
Biomass from cellulosic bioenergy crops is expected to play a substantial role in future energy systems, especially if climate policy aims at stabilizing greenhouse gas concentration at low levels. However, the potential of bioenergy for climate change mitigation remains unclear due to large uncertainties about future agricultural yield improvements and(More)
Motivated by the amount of code that goes unidentified on the web, we introduce a practical method for algorithmically identifying the programming language of source code. Our work is based on supervised learning and intelligent statistical features. We also explored, but abandoned, a grammatical approach. In testing, our implementation greatly outperforms(More)
zur Erlangung des akademischen Grades d o c t o r r e r u m n a t u r a l i u m This thesis is dedicated to Kerstin for being at my side all the time. Acknowledgements Writing a PhD thesis is a demanding challenge, a maze with pit falls and dead ends. To find a way through it is blessing to have friends and colleagues who are guiding you and are giving a(More)
While much is now known about the operation and organisation of the brain at the neuronal and microcircuit level, we are still some way from understanding it as a complete system from the lowest to the highest levels of description. One way to gain such an integrative understanding of neural systems is to construct them. We have built the largest(More)
1 Overview This model description is based on the introduction of the REMIND‐R model in Leimbach et al. (2009), as well as the technical description in Bauer et al. (2008) and Bauer et al. (2010). More information is also available from the ReMIND‐website 3. ReMIND‐R is a global energy‐economy‐climate model. Figure 1 provides an overview of the general(More)