David W. Kahn

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Hepatocyte growth factor (HGF) is a potent epithelial mitogen whose actions are mediated through its receptor, the proto-oncogene c-Met. Two truncated variants of HGF known as NK1 and NK2 have been reported to be competitive inhibitors of HGF binding to c-Met, and to function as HGF antagonists (Lokker, N.A., and P.J. Godowski. 1993. J. Biol. Chem. 268:(More)
LEVEL: INTERMEDIATE R egulatory bodies around the world expect downstream purification processes to demonstrate robust clearance of model adventitious viruses in time for execution of phase 3 clinical trials and product licensure (1–3). Model viruses selected for these studies should represent a diversity of viral physicochemical properties, and the(More)
The previous demonstration that incubation of brain slices with [32P]phosphate brings about rapid tabeling of phosphatidic acid in myelin suggests that the enzyme involved should be present in this specialized membrane. DAG kinase (ATP:1,2-diacyglycerol 3-phosphotransferase, E.C. is present in rat brain homogenate at a specific activity of 2.5(More)
Measurements of steady-state sound pressure levels above the audience in large lecture halls show that the classical equation for predicting the sound pressure level is not accurate. The direct field above the seats was measured on a 1:10 scale model and was found to be dependent on the incidence angle and direction of sound propagation across the audience.(More)
The traditional approach to virus filter spiking studies (virus added to the feed solution before the start of filtration) can lead to oversized viral filtration systems because of the non-representative volumetric throughputs (L/m2) that can be seen with the addition of the virus spike. The reduction in throughput is thought to be caused by interactions(More)
A simple, scalable method for purification of plasmid DNA is described. The method includes modification of the classical alkaline-lysis-based plasmid extraction method by extending the solubilization step from less than 30 min to 24 h. The extraction is followed by the novel use of tangential flow filtration (TFF) for purification of the remaining(More)
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