David W. J. Stringer-Calvert

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This article addresses the problem of interoperation of heterogeneous bioinformatics databases. We introduce BioWarehouse, an open source toolkit for constructing bioinformatics database warehouses using the MySQL and Oracle relational database managers. BioWarehouse integrates its component databases into a common representational framework within a single(More)
A scalable and expressive peer-to-peer (P2P) networking and computing framework requires efficient resource discovery services. Here we propose NEVRLATE, for Network-Efficient Vast Resource Lookup At The Edge, an efficient organization of directories or directory mirrors, providing a scalable distributed resource discovery service. NEVRLATE organizes(More)
The development of critical systems often places undue trust in the software tools used. This is especially true of compilers, which are a weak link between the source code produced and the object code which is executed. Stepney [23] advocates a method for the production of trusted compilers (i.e. those which are guaranteed to produce object code that is a(More)
Those of you concerned with privacy issues and identity theft will be familiar with the concept of dumpster diving. Trash often reveals the dealings of an individual or a corporation. The risks of revealing private information through the trash has led to a boom in the sale of paper shredders (and awareness of the risks of reassembling shredded documents).(More)
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