David W Depaoli

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Six laboratory scale biogas mixed anaerobic digesters were operated to study the effect of biogas recycling rates and draft tube height on their performance. The digesters produced methane at 0.40-0.45 L per liter of digester volume per day. A higher methane production rate was observed in unmixed digesters, while increased biogas circulation rate reduced(More)
Neutron imaging is presented as a tool for quantifying the diffusion of ions inside porous materials, such as carbon electrodes used in the desalination process via capacitive deionization and in electrochemical energy-storage devices. Monolithic mesoporous carbon electrodes of ∼10 nm pore size were synthesized based on a soft-template method. The(More)
The present study investigates the change in the shape of oil droplets immersed in an ionic surfactant solution when the droplets are in contact with metal surfaces to which an electrical potential is applied. The three-phase system of aqueous solution-oil-steel was subjected to low-voltage electric potentials, which resulted in sometimes dramatic changes(More)
A model applying surfactant self-assembly theory and classical thermodynamics has been developed to aid in the prediction of solid surface cleaning by aqueous surfactant solutions. Information gained from a combination of surfactant self-assembly behavior and cleaning system parameters, such as oil species, surfactant type, temperature, alkalinity, and(More)
BACKGROUND Controlled self-assembly using molecules/nanoparticles as building block materials represents an important approach for nanofabrication. METHOD We present a "bottom-up" fabrication approach to first grow a new class of inorganic (silica) long hair-like microfibrils or microwires and then to form monolithic solid pellet that contains parallel(More)
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