David W. Deerfield

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A surge of development of new public health surveillance systems designed to provide more timely detection of outbreaks suggests that public health has a new requirement: extreme timeliness of detection. The authors review previous work relevant to measuring timeliness and to defining timeliness requirements. Using signal detection theory and decision(More)
In this unit a protocol is described for predicting the structure of simple transmembrane a-helical bundles. The protocol is based on a global molecular dynamics search (GMDS) of the configuration space of the helical bundle, yielding several candidate structures. The correct structure among these candidates is selected using information from silent amino(More)
A method has been developed to link the display ability of a high-resolution graphics workstation with the computational power of a local mainframe or a remote supercomputer via an electronic data network. The method allows this link to be established in a manner largely transparent to the user. The application of the method is illustrated by our successful(More)
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