David W Connor

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EDITORIAL, COMMENT The study of malabsorption in Uganda, East Africa, has revealed that the majority of patients who have steatorrhoea suffer from exocrine pancreatic disorders. The differing incidence of malabsorption syndromes in a hospital community in Kampala, Uganda, has been compared with the incidence in both temperate and tropical climates and the(More)
The EUNIS (European Union Nature Information System) habitat classification system aims to provide a common European reference set of habitat types within a hierarchical classification, and to cover all terrestrial, freshwater and marine habitats of Europe. The classification facilitates reporting of habitat data in a comparable manner, for use in nature(More)
The seas and oceans show high levels of complexity, diverse habitats and support a high level of biodiversity. Besides, they provide different goods and services, which can be used by humans as food, energy, leisure, etc. (Costanza et al., 1997), and which should be undertaken in a sustainable way. However, the marine environment is facing increasing and(More)
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