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Multi-objective formulations are realistic models for many complex engineering optimization problems. In many real-life problems, objectives under consideration conflict with each other, and optimizing a particular solution with respect to a single objective can result in unacceptable results with respect to the other objectives. A reasonable solution to a(More)
& Conclusions-A problem specific genetic algorithm (GA) is developed and demonstrated to analyze series-parallel systems and to determine the optimal design configuration when there are multiple component choices available for each of several k-out-of-n:G subsystems. The problem is to select components and levels of redundancy to optimize some objective(More)
abstract – A new heuristic is proposed and tested for system reliability optimization. The multiple weighted objective heuristic is based on a transformation of the problem into a multiple objective problem, and then ultimately, transformation into a different single objective problem. The multiple objectives are to simultaneously maximize the reliability(More)
We apply a genetic algorithm (GA) to optimize a reliability design problem using a neural network as a reliability estimator for calculation of the objective function value during the search. The GA produces the lowest cost option for a required system reliability by selecting the appropriate parts and levels of redundancy. We show that the neural network(More)
A tabu search meta-heuristic has been developed and successfully demonstrated to provide solutions to the system reliability optimization problem of redundancy allocation. Tabu search is particularly well-suited to this problem and it offers distinct advantages compared to alternative optimization methods. While there are many forms of the problem, the(More)
A custom genetic algorithm was developed and implemented to solve multiple objective multi-state reliability optimization design problems. Many real-world engineering design problems are multiobjective in nature, and among those, several of them have various levels of system performance ranging from perfectly functioning to completely failed. This(More)