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Multi-objective formulations are realistic models for many complex engineering optimization problems. In many real-life problems, objectives under consideration conflict with each other, and optimizing a particular solution with respect to a single objective can result in unacceptable results with respect to the other objectives. A reasonable solution to a(More)
& Conclusions-A problem specific genetic algorithm (GA) is developed and demonstrated to analyze series-parallel systems and to determine the optimal design configuration when there are multiple component choices available for each of several k-out-of-n:G subsystems. The problem is to select components and levels of redundancy to optimize some objective(More)
abstract – A new heuristic is proposed and tested for system reliability optimization. The multiple weighted objective heuristic is based on a transformation of the problem into a multiple objective problem, and then ultimately, transformation into a different single objective problem. The multiple objectives are to simultaneously maximize the reliability(More)
– Solution methods are described and demonstrated for the redundancy allocation problem based on the decomposition approach of column generation. This problem involves the maximization of system reliability by selecting components and redundancy levels as part of engineering design. It is a well-known nonlinear integer programming problem that has been(More)
Reliability optimization has been studied in the literature for decades, usually using a mathematical programming approach. Because of these solution methodologies, restrictions on the type of allowable design have been made, however heuristic optimization approaches are free of such binding restrictions. One difficulty in applying heuristic approaches to(More)
RlJfldw AIds-Purpose: Wlli ~ lIthe5tate-<J'-1II1 Special math needed for explanations: Elementary probability Special ma.th Deeded to use results: None Results useful to: Reliability analysts and theoreticians. Summary (;om:lusions-Tilis paper presents III method for calculating •. tbe reliability (If. 115ystem depicted. by II reliability block(More)
Multi-objective problems are often solved by modifying them into equivalent single objective problems using pre-defined weights or utility functions. Then, a multi-objective problem is solved similar to a single objective problem returning a single solution. These methods can be problematic because assigning appropriate numerical values (i.e., weights) to(More)