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By relating a novel predictive controller to LQ designs stability theorems are deduced, and extensions to Generalized Predictive Control give model following, state-dead-beat and pole-placement control objectives. Abstract-The original GMV self-tuner was later extended to provide a general framework which included feedforward compensation and user-chosen(More)
The presenilin containing gamma-secretase complex is responsible for the regulated intramembraneous proteolysis of the amyloid precursor protein (APP), the Notch receptor, and a multitude of other substrates. gamma-Secretase catalyzes the final step in the generation of Abeta(40) and Abeta(42) peptides from APP. Amyloid beta-peptides (Abeta peptides)(More)
The structure and morphological properties of polymers produced photochemically from the UV irradiation of cyanoacetylene and cyanoacetylene mixtures have been examined to evaluate their possible contribution to the haze layers found on Titan. A structural analysis of these polymers may contribute to our understanding of the data returned from the Huygens(More)