David Voets

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This paper presents the initial results of the ENSURE (Enabling kNowledge Sustainability, Usability and Recovery for Economic value) project, which focuses on the challenges associated with the long-term preservation of data produced by organisations in the health care, clinical trials and financial sectors. In particular the project has looked at the(More)
Description The EHR4CR central query workbench supports pharma and CRO users in various stages of the multi-centric clinical trial lifecycle ranging from protocol feasibility, over subject identification and recruitment to clinical trial execution and adverse event reporting. It offers an intuitive graphical user interface for building, managing and(More)
Description This tool supports administering and monitoring the recruitment process for multi-centric trials within a single clinical centre. It works together with the EHR4CR central workbench and allows receiving, accepting or rejecting invitations to participate in clinical trials (Figure 1). Local users can be assigned to clinical trials under a given(More)
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