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Interferon (IFN) exposure promotes a wide variety of cellular changes, many of which are still poorly characterized. Many of these changes are initiated through the induction or repression of hundreds of genes. One multigene family of GTPases induced by both type I and type II IFNs is the Guanylate Binding Protein (GBP) family. In this study we show that a(More)
Treatment of two human leukemia cell lines with 1.25% dimethyl sulfoxide at 37 degrees C results in a rapid increase in the number of transferrin receptors on the cell surface detected by fluorescein-labeled anti-transferrin receptor antibodies. Both HL-60 cells, a human myeloid cell line, and K562 cells, a human erythroid-myeloid cell line, showed a 25-65%(More)
Computationally complex grid-based applications can require expensive high-end computer equipment, forming an effective barrier to many small companies. However, if a grid-based problem can be decomposed into many smaller problems, each solvable on a moderately powerful consumer PC, such PCs could in aggregate provide a solution to the performance barrier.(More)
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