David Vernet

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Case-Based Classifier Systems obtain low accuracies on generalisation and higher waste on CPU time when the class distribution space is not well defined. This paper presents the Mean Sphere and the Mean K-Means approach based on unsupervised learning to improve the CPU time and to improve or maintain the accuracy. We use clustering in an unsupervised way to(More)
The amount of information available on Internet increases by the day. This constant growth makes it difficult to distinguish between information which is relevant and which is not, particularly in key areas which are of strategic interest to business and universities or research centres. This article presents an automatic system to extract social networks:(More)
Nowadays melanoma is one of the most important cancers to study due to its social impact. This dermatologic cancer has increased its frequency and mortality during last years. In particular, mortality is around twenty percent in non early detected ones. For this reason, the aim of medical researchers is to improve the early diagnosis through a best melanoma(More)
Traffic engineering, particularly routing optimization, is one of the most important aspects to take into account when providing QoS in next generation networks (NGN). The problem of weight setting with conventional link state routing protocols for routing optimization has been object of study by a few authors. To solve this problem for big networks(More)
Current social habits in solar exposure have increased the appearance of melanoma cancer in the last few years. The highest mortality rates in dermatological cancers are caused for this illness. In spite of it, recent studies demonstrate that early diagnosis increases life expectancy. This work introduces a way to classify dermatological cancer with highest(More)
In this paper we present an educational resource called LSMaker, a caterpillar mobile robot that has been introduced in the curricula of Engineering Education. The platform has been used to link subjects, so common tasks and challenges have been defined. We are looking for updating contents and educational methodology, enhancing the motivation of students(More)
Even though there are many tutoring systems to help students achieve their goals in terms of theoretical knowledge, as yet there is no system to foment the acquisition of the competences which form an integral part of university degree programs. This issue is crucial because the Higher Education System is changing in Europe. New educational models are being(More)