David Van Brackle

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Every year, more universities are increasing the amount of preparation given to teams competing in the ACM Scholastic Programming Contest. This panel will have team faculty advisors (i.e. coaches) of teams which have reached the 1991 Contest Finals discuss some of the techniques they use in preparing their students for regional and international(More)
Spreadsheets are a widespread tool for a variety of tasks, particularly in business settings. Spreadsheet users employ a form of programming that, while popular, is highly errorprone and has limited expressiveness. An important approach to augment spreadsheets is to provide logic knowledge representation and reasoning (KR&R) functionality. In this paper we(More)
The Distributed Agent-Based Information Dissemination System (DAIDS) concept was motivated by the need to share information among the members of a military tactical team in an atmosphere of extremely limited or intermittent bandwidth. The DAIDS approach recognizes that in many cases communications limitations will preclude the complete sharing of all(More)
Rule based systems have achieved success in applications such as information retrieval and Natural Language Processing. However, due to the rigidity of pattern matching, these systems typically require a large number of rules to adequately cover the variations of expression in unstructured text. Consequently, knowledge engineering for a new domain and(More)
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