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We consider the problem of joint decoding and data-fusion in data gathering sensor networks modeled by the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) problem. Correlation between sensors' data is known at the fusion center and is employed to update ex-trinsic information received from soft-in soft-out (SISO) decoders. It is shown in the literature that this scheme has a(More)
This paper introduces a new game theoretic formulation for the design and routing of resilient and translucent networks. An integer linear programming (ILP) modeling is also presented and used as a reference to evaluate the game theoretic algorithm performances. Both formulations include primary and link-disjoint protection paths pre-calculation and take(More)
We present a novel air-bridge subwavelength grating reflector with very high reflectivity to be used as a top mirror in a VCSEL structure. We explain the design method, model the structure using both RCWA and FDTD, and predict the characteristics of a Fabry-Perot structure built with this reflector. We describe the fabrication of the suspended grating.
We exploit pilot-aided (PA) transmission enabled by single-sideband (SSB) subcarrier modulation of both quadrature signals in the DSP domain to achieve fully feedforward carrier recovery (FFCR) in single-carrier (SC) coherent systems with arbitrary M-QAM constellations. A thorough mathematical description of the proposed PA-FFCR is presented, its linewidth(More)
Invited Paper This paper discusses short-distance optical interconnects for general-purpose distributed digital systems. We describe the technology required to optically interconnect elements that are distributed across multiple packaging layers. This includes chips on a board, boards in a backplane, and shelves within a bay. The focus of this paper will be(More)
An interferometric alignment technique developed for the assembly of microchannel relay systems is described. The method uses pairs of diffractive lenslets that are arranged to form compact in situ interferometers. The relative transverse, longitudinal, and rotational alignment of the two lenslet arrays can be quantitatively determined from the resulting(More)
A vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser based bidirectional free-space optical interconnect has been implemented to interconnect two printed circuit boards. A total of 512 clustered channels with a density of 2844 channels/cm2 are transmitted over a distance of 83 mm. The optical interconnect is a combination of refractive microlenses and diffractive(More)
We describe a system demonstrator based on vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers, metal-semiconductor-metal detectors, printed circuit board (PCB) level optoelectronic device packaging, a compact bulk optical relay, and novel barrel/PCB optomechanics. The entire system was constructed in a standard VME electrical backplane chassis and was capable of(More)
A design analysis of a telecentric microchannel relay system developed for use with a smart-pixel-based photonic backplane is presented. The interconnect uses a clustered-window geometry in which optoelectronic device windows are grouped together about the axis of each microchannel. A Gaussian-beam propagation model is used to analyze the trade-off between(More)