David V. Plant

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We propose and experimentally demonstrate an all-optical (all-fiber) temporal differentiator based on a simple pi-phase-shifted fiber Bragg grating operated in reflection. The proposed device can calculate the first time derivative of the complex field of an arbitrary narrowband optical waveform with a very high accuracy and efficiency. Specifically, the(More)
In this paper, we present a carrier phase recovery (CPR) algorithm using a modified superscalar parallelization based phase locked loop (M-SSP-PLL) combined with a maximum-likelihood (ML) phase estimation. Compared to the original SSP-PLL, M-SSP-PLL + ML reduces the required buffer size using a novel superscalar structure. In addition, by removing the(More)
This paper introduces a new game theoretic formulation for the design and routing of resilient and translucent networks. An integer linear programming (ILP) modeling is also presented and used as a reference to evaluate the game theoretic algorithm performances. Both formulations include primary and link-disjoint protection paths pre-calculation and take(More)
We demonstrate error-free wavelength conversion of 28 GBaud 16-QAM single polarization (112 Gb/s) signals based on four-wave mixing in a dispersion engineered silicon nanowire (SNW). Wavelength conversion covering the entire C-band is achieved using a single pump. We characterize the performance of the wavelength converter subsystem through the electrical(More)
We present a novel air-bridge subwavelength grating reflector with very high reflectivity to be used as a top mirror in a VCSEL structure. We explain the design method, model the structure using both RCWA and FDTD, and predict the characteristics of a Fabry-Perot structure built with this reflector. We describe the fabrication of the suspended grating.
A new family of Nyquist pulses for coherent optical single carrier systems is introduced and is shown to increase the nonlinearity tolerance of dual-polarization (DP)-QPSK and DP-16-QAM systems. Numerical investigations for a single-channel 28 Gbaud DP-16-QAM long-haul system without optical dispersion compensation indicate that the proposed pulse can(More)
We present a Silicon Photonic (SiP) intensity modulator operating at 1.3 μm with pulse amplitude modulation formats for short reach transmission employing a digital to analog converter for the RF signal generator, enabling pulse shaping and precompensation of the transmitter's frequency response. Details of the SiP Mach-Zehnder interfometer are presented.(More)
This paper presents a new channel estimation/equalization algorithm for coherent OFDM (CO-OFDM) digital receivers, which enables the elimination of the cyclic prefix (CP) for OFDM transmission. We term this new system as the zero-guard-interval (ZGI)-CO-OFDM. ZGI-CO-OFDM employs an overlapped frequency-domain equalizer (OFDE) to compensate both chromatic(More)
We exploit pilot-aided (PA) transmission enabled by single-sideband (SSB) subcarrier modulation of both quadrature signals in the DSP domain to achieve fully feedforward carrier recovery (FFCR) in single-carrier (SC) coherent systems with arbitrary M-QAM constellations. A thorough mathematical description of the proposed PA-FFCR is presented, its linewidth(More)