David V. Beard

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Translators convert a program from one language to another, and are used to solve a wide range of problems, such as the construction of compilers, optimizers, and preprocessors. Although many tools support the creation of translators, these tools do not provide integrated support for debugging the translator or the output of the translator. This(More)
D Developing computer tools with well-designed human computer interactions (HCI) can be difficult, tedious, time-consuming , and expensive. Small improvements in one portion of the design often create disasters in another portion. And staffing necessities often imply that interfaces are designed by expert software engineers who understand neither the users(More)
In a study of home-healthcare practitioners, we found that temporal trends contained in patients' clinical records form one of the most critical pieces of information when selecting and administering appropriate treatment. However, these records are comprised of quantitative and qualitative data, and recorded as a <i>narrative</i>. This format makes the(More)
Introduction Technical and scientific professionals are writers. Regardless of title or job description, they write. Most spend 25-75% of their tiine doing something related to writing-gathering and organizing information, writing per se, revising, talking with others about something they have written, giving oral presentations accompanied by documents,(More)
" OOMS models can be practical if the effort required to product them is commensurate with their limited practical accuracy. " This demonstration details a direct manipulation tool for quickly building OOMS models. Advanced features allow rapid model construction and analysis. The 00MS family of models [4,5] has been used successfully to model various(More)