David Urbano

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Scholars who study entrepreneurship have lent great value by exploring the factors that explain how entrepreneurs create new businesses and thus, how societies and economies grow and prosper. Although there has considerable research based on psychological and economic approaches to entrepreneurship, the influence of socio-cultural factors on enterprise(More)
Many countries are investing a lot in innovation in order to modernize their economies. A key step in this process is the development of academic research in innovation. This article analyzes the leading countries in innovation research between 1989 and 2013 from an academic perspective. The aim of the study is to identify the most relevant countries in(More)
Bilateral fractures of the femoral neck are very rare. We report two cases of elderly patients with simultaneous and bilateral femoral neck fractures. Les fractures bilatérales du col fémoral sont exceptionnelles. Nous rapportons deux cas de fractures fémorales intra capsulaires bilatérales.
We use a sample of large international commercial banks to test hypotheses on the dual role of boards of directors. We use a suitable econometric model (two step system estimator) to solve the well-known endogeneity problem in corporate governance literature, and demonstrate the empirical and theoretical superiority of system estimator over OLS and Within(More)
Conservatism, through the timelier recognition of losses in the income statement, is expected to increase firm investment efficiency through three main channels: (1) by decreasing the adverse effect of information asymmetries between outside equity holders and managers, facilitating the monitoring of managerial investment decisions; (2) by increasing(More)
Purpose This paper focuses on analyzing the effect that public reforms have on the efficiency of state-owned enterprises in regulated environments. Design/methodology/approach The research is focused in the postal sector where public and private companies must obey a legal framework related to provide a universal service. The analysis is carried out using a(More)
Using theory and empirical data from social psychology to measure for cultural differences between countries, we study the effect of individualism as defined by Hofstede (1980) and egalitarianism as defined by Schwartz (1994, 1999, 2004) on earnings management. We find a significant influence of both cultural measures. In line with Licht et al. (2004), who(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the level of preventive activities carried out by Family and Community Medicine medical residents during their stay in the Health Centre, as well as to estimate the time involved in carrying them out. DESIGN Cross-sectional, descriptive, observational study. SETTING Teaching Health Centres in the Central- Cordoba and Guadalquivir(More)