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The kinetics of the ionic regulation of an adenylate cyclase associated with the excitable ciliary membrane from Paramecium tetraurelia was examined. Glycerol (30%, v/v) stabilized the enzyme, and activated by an increase in Vmax. (3-fold) and a decrease in the apparent Km for MgATP (6-fold). Kinetic analysis of Mg2+ effects showed a stimulation via a(More)
Motivated by excellent thermoelectric performance in the well-known Yb-based Zintl compounds Yb14MnSb11 and YbZn2 xMnxSb2, this study investigates the thermoelectric properties of Yb9Mn4.2Sb9. Unlike most transition metal containing Zintl phases, Yb9Mn4.2Sb9 contains a partially occupied Mn site and thus does not have a valence-precise stoichiometry.(More)
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