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The authors were intimately involved in choosing and implementing a clinical information system for an integrated medical care delivery system. We will describe our experiences in implementing the first stages of an electronic medical record. We will consider the problems encountered, solutions that were found and continuing areas of sub-optimal performance.
Different folivorous marsupials select their food from different subgenera of Eucalyptus, but the choices cannot be explained by known antifeedants, such as formylated phloroglucinol compounds or tannins, or by nutritional quality. Eucalypts contain a wide variety of plant secondary metabolites so it is difficult to use traditional methods to identify the(More)
This paper reports on the isolation and identification of antibacterial constituents from the indigenous Australian medicinal plant Eremophila duttonii F. Muell. (Myoporaceae). Preparations derived from this plant are used by indigenous populations in the topical treatment of minor wounds, otitis and ocular complaints, and as a gargle for sore throat.(More)
We aim to create systems that identify and locate objects by comparing known, 3D shapes to intensity images that they have produced. To do this we focus on verification methods that determine whether a known model in a specific pose is consistent with an image. We build on prior work that has done this successfully for Lambertian objects, to handle a much(More)
Natural landscapes are increasingly subjected to anthropogenic pressure and fragmentation resulting in reduced ecological condition. In this study we examined the relationship between ecological condition and the soundscape in fragmented forest remnants of south-east Queensland, Australia. The region is noted for its high biodiversity value and increased(More)
Air flow management and control in a fuel cell gas turbine hybrid power system is evaluated using the Hybrid Performance (Hyper) hardware simulation facility at the National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL), U.S. Department of Energy. The Hyper facility at NETL is a hardware simulation of a fuel cell gas turbine hybrid power system capable of emulating(More)
The Joint Staff knows why interagency coordination does not occur. According to a Joint Staff memorandum, " in the past it has been extremely difficult to achieve coordinated interdepartmental planning " for two reasons: other agencies of the U. S. government do not understand " systematic planning procedures " and each agency has its own approach to(More)
This paper describes a medium access control protocol for wireless sensor networks designed for broadcast communication. The RI-MAC (Random Interference Medium Access Control) protocol uses random slot assignment in each MAC frame, along with knowledge of neighbors' transmission schedules to mitigate some of the energy wasting problems with existing MAC(More)