David Trowbridge

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The transcription factor nuclear factor kappaB (NFkappaB) is constitutively active in many types of cancercells and regulates the expression of several antiapoptotic genes. Previous studies demonstrated a role for the inhibition of NFkappaB in cancer therapyusing a transgenic approach in mice. We found that NFkappaB was transiently activated much greater(More)
beginning, the ITC has set itself the goal of building a user interface whmh _s both powerful for the experienced computer Carnegie-Mellon University is in the midst of installing a user and easily accesstPle to the novice. campus-wide network of hign-funct|on workstations to support educational computing. The system, known as Andrew. is the The system also(More)
We describe the development of a computer-based tutor concerned with the graphing of algebraic expressions. The program has some of the attributes of an "intelligent" tutor, including a built-in model for problem solving, a coach for helping students to apply the problem solving model, a facility for entering arbitrary new problems within a class, and the(More)
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