David Trémouilles

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This paper addresses the ESD reliability issues in RFICs, focusing on the technology impact on the device and design. We also present the basic RF ESD protection methods used in industry. Presents the general topology of a 5 GHz LNA, which is protected using several ESD protection methodologies, and describes the 90 nm CMOS process technology used for the(More)
In this paper, using extensive TCAD simulations and measurement results, we analyze the basic mechanisms involved during an ESD stress in a self-biased NPN bipolar transistor used as an ESD protection. From the deep understanding of these mechanisms, we define design guidelines to achieve a very high ESD robustness (=10kV) in this type of device. These(More)
This paper addresses an innovative solution to develop a circuit to perform accelerated stress tests of capacitive MEMS switches and shows the use of instruments and equipment to monitor physical aging phenomena. A dedicated test circuit was designed and fabricated in order to meet the need for accelerated techniques for those structures. It integrated an(More)