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The design of survivable mesh based communication networks has received considerable attention in recent years. One task is to route backup paths and allocate spare capacity in the network to guarantee seamless communications services survivable to a set of failure scenarios. This is a complex multi-constraint optimization problem, called the spare capacity(More)
A communication infrastructure is an essential part to the success of the emerging smart grid. A scalable and pervasive communication infrastructure is crucial in both construction and operation of a smart grid. In this paper, we present the background and motivation of communication infrastructures in smart grid systems. We also summarize major(More)
Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) flooding attacks are one of the biggest concerns for security professionals. DDoS flooding attacks are typically explicit attempts to disrupt legitimate users' access to services. Attackers usually gain access to a large number of computers by exploiting their vulnerabilities to set up attack armies (i.e., Botnets). Once(More)
This paper proposes a novel energy saving scheme, termed the Gossip-based sleep protocol (GSP). With GSP, each node randomly goes to sleep for some time with gossip sleep probability p. When the value of p is small enough, the network stays connected. GSP does not require a wireless node to maintain the states of other nodes. It requires few operations and(More)
A smart grid is a new form of electricity network with high fidelity power-flow control, self-healing, and energy reliability and energy security using digital communications and control technology. To upgrade an existing power grid into a smart grid, it requires significant dependence on intelligent and secure communication infrastructures. It requires(More)
Current wireless sensor network routing protocols are still struggling to find valid paths between source and destination, and multipath routing for fault tolerance is quite a new research area and studied insufficiently. The multipath routing techniques designed for ad hoc network do not apply to the sensor network due to the lack of global ID in sensor(More)
The wormhole attack is considered to be a serious security attack in multihop ad hoc and sensor networks. We propose ``DeWorm'', a simple protocol to effectively detect wormhole attacks without the need for special hardware and/or strict location or synchronization requirements. DeWorm makes use of discrepancies in routing information between neighbors to(More)
Evaluation of the behavior of queues with nonsta-tionary arrival processes is of importance in several applications including communication networks. However , the analysis of nonstationary queues is in general computationally complex, and seldom produces closed form expressions. Thus approximation methods may be more appropriate. In this paper, the(More)