David Tio Castro

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Bacterial resistance to mercury (Hg) was investigated in strains isolated from Hg-contaminated tailing ponds located in the gold mining area of El Callao (Bolívar State, Venezuela). High frequencies of resistance were detected to both inorganic-Hg and organomercurials among these strains. A broad range of resistance levels was observed when determining(More)
The design and first measuring results of an ultra-low power 12bit Successive-Approximation ADC for autonomous multi-sensor systems are presented. The comparator and the DAC are optmised for the lowest power consumption. The proposed design has a power consumption of 0.52μW at a bitclock of 50-kHz and of 0.85μW at 100-kHz with a 1.2-V supply. As far(More)
INTRODUCTION Insertion sequences such as IS CR1 promote capture, transposition and expression of bla CTX-M genes. Thus, gene dissemination in bacterial populations occurs rapidly. OBJECTIVE To determine the presence of IS CR1 sequence genes and their association with bla CTX-M-1 and bla CTX-M-2 on plasmids IncN and IncFIIA from K. pneumoniae of nosocomial(More)
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