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Total physical jamming in wireless networks can be realized by generating continuous high power noise in the vicinity of wireless receiver nodes. The purpose of this paper is to show, using OPNET simulations, that similar jamming effectiveness can be achieved with much lower total energy. In the first half of the paper, we study the effects of periodic(More)
It has been shown that reservation based MAC protocols such as 802.11b DCF are susceptible to Intelligent Jamming wherein a protocol aware jammer can bring down the network throughput essentially to zero by using very limited energy, see [1]. We propose and analyze intelligent jamming techniques based on " misbehaving " MAC level access timings. An(More)
Simulation and emulation techniques are commonly used to evaluate the performance of complex networked systems. Simulation conveniently predicts the behavior of a complex networked system while usually requiring fewer simplifying model assumptions often necessary for theoretical analysis. In contrast, emulation does not need to re-implement the target real(More)
A software system interacts with third-party libraries through various Application Program Interfaces (APIs). Using these APIs correctly often needs to follow certain programming rules, i.e., API specifications. API specifications specify the required checks (on API input parameters and return values) and other APIs to be invoked before (preconditions) and(More)
Various wireless networks, contemporarily, have evolved as prime communication methods, encountering convergence paradigm among heterogeneous technologies including applications based on IP, which has given enormous impacts in our way of life because of its proved robustness and scalability as well as ample services. With the synergy of the two(More)
In order to evaluate the performance of new network architectures and protocols, researchers have used diverse methods such as theoretical analysis, network simulation, testbed implementation , and emulation. Among these methods, emulation has been widely employed over the past decade because it is more flexible than simulation in that it does not need to(More)