David Thuente

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High performance computing (HPC) and High-performance data (HPD) capabilities are now becoming the norm for advancing science through modeling simulations and data analytics. Often a serious limitation is internal and inter-computational node communication topology. They tend to be fixed. This basically means that applications and problems need to map onto(More)
Simulation and emulation techniques are commonly used to evaluate the performance of complex networked systems. Simulation conveniently predicts the behavior of a complex networked system while usually requiring fewer simplifying model assumptions often necessary for theoretical analysis. In contrast, emulation does not need to re-implement the target real(More)
—Service providers who dynamically scale cloud resources can significantly lower costs while providing a service level that conforms to a service level agreement. To do this, service providers must understand the tradeoffs within provisioning algorithms such as utilization versus system availability or the impact of service level agreement timescale on(More)
With the help of advanced technology, WDM networks nowadays can support up to more than 100 wavelength on a single fiber. This feature brings new challenges to routing and wavelength assignment (RWA) problem, which is a NP-hard problem. There are three existing categories of integer linear programming (ILP) formulations to solve this problem optimally,(More)
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