David Thaller

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The integrity of the nuclear envelope barrier relies on membrane remodeling by the ESCRTs, which seal nuclear envelope holes and contribute to the quality control of nuclear pore complexes (NPCs); whether these processes are mechanistically related remains poorly defined. Here, we show that the ESCRT-II/III chimera, Chm7, is recruited to a nuclear envelope(More)
UNLABELLED The 4D-Joystick is a new type of Assistive Technology which enables people with severe motor disabilities to fully control remote controlled (RC) toys i.e. MODELS In 2013 the authors started to develop a feasibility study and built the first prototype of the 4D-Joystick which allowed to control up to 4 analogue and up to 2 digital channels. The(More)
Nowadays there hardly exist accessible off the shelf toys for children and adults with disabilities. One group of non-trivial toys that are very interesting for people with physical disabilities are remote controlled (RC) models because the remotes can be easily exchanged by custom ones. If the controller is once adapted to the individual needs of a user,(More)
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