David Tengeri

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—The relation of test suites and actual faults in a software is of critical importance for timely product release. There are two particularily critical properties of test suites to this end: fault localization capability, to characterize the effort of finding the actually defective program elements, and fault detection capability which measures how probable(More)
—Code coverage is often used in academic and industrial practice of white-box software testing. Various test optimization methods, e.g. test selection and prioritization, rely on code coverage information, but other related fields benefit from it as well, such as fault localization. These methods require access to the fine details of coverage information(More)
—Code coverage is successfully used to guide white box test design and evaluate the respective test completeness. However, simple overall coverage ratios are often not precise enough to effectively help when a (regression) test suite needs to be reassessed and evolved after software change. We present an approach for test suite assessment and improvement(More)
Regression test suites of evolving software systems are often crucial to maintaining software quality in the long term. They have to be effective in terms of detecting faults and helping their localization. However, to gain knowledge of such capabilities of test suites is usually difficult. We propose a method for deeper understanding of a test suite and(More)
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