David Taylor Fishwick

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The aim of this preliminary study was to assess exposure to various constituents of the organic dust generated during the processing of hemp in a small group of exposed workers. Airborne levels of inhalable dust, endotoxin and soluble protein, and the respirable, thoracic and inhalable fractions of fungal, bacterial and actinomycete contamination were(More)
The objectives of this study were to measure the population prevalence of symptoms of chronic obstructive lung disease and mild airway obstruction and to compare these between occupational groups. There were 1,609 subjects (63.9% response rate) who completed a respiratory questionnaire. Of these, 1,132 (70.4%) underwent pulmonary function testing (FEV1 and(More)
OBJECTIVES To examine the effect of occupation on respiratory symptoms in a randomly selected adult population aged 20-44 years. METHODS It is based on the phase II sampling of the New Zealand part of the European Community respiratory health survey. 1609 people (63.9% response rate) completed a detailed respiratory questionnaire. Of those responding,(More)
BACKGROUND Metal working fluids (MWF) constitute a significant respiratory hazard, although symptoms experienced by workers are often poorly investigated and attributed. AIMS A single possible case of extrinsic allergic alveolitis (EAA) led to a formal workplace investigation. It was clear that other exposed workers were affected. The aim of this study(More)
OBJECTIVES A cross sectional study of respiratory symptoms and lung function in welders was performed at eight New Zealand welding sites: 62 current welders and 75 non-welders participated. METHODS A questionnaire was administered to record demographic data, smoking habit, and current respiratory symptoms. Current and previous welding exposures were(More)
BACKGROUND Wheezing in infancy is common and is associated with small lungs, viral respiratory tract infection, and environmental tobacco smoke exposure. Recently, increased levels of endotoxin in the domestic environment have also been associated with infant wheezing, particularly among infants with a family history of atopic disease. OBJECTIVE To(More)
A random sample of managers of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) was selected from a database of businesses in Sheffield, UK. They were invited to take part in a study to evaluate the provision and perception of occupational health in SMEs in Sheffield. The study used an interviewer-led questionnaire, which collected quantitative and qualitative(More)
BACKGROUND At present there is no internationally agreed definition of occupational asthma and there is a lack of guidance regarding the resources that should be readily available to physicians running specialist occupational asthma services. AIMS To agree a working definition of occupational asthma and to develop a framework of resources necessary to run(More)