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CyberBELT allows a viewer to interact with a multi-threaded documentary using a multi-modal interface. The viewer interacts with the documentary by speaking, pointing and looking around the display. The viewer selects the threads of the story to follow or lets the system navigate through the story. Feedback from the viewer evolves the story to present(More)
As the volume of material online increases, it becomes more difficult and time consuming for people to find what they are looking for [5]. Finding the right document depends on how well query terms match keywords or other document descriptors. In the case of text documents, descriptors can be generated from an automatic analysis of the documents' content(More)
The aim of this study was to test the possibility of the concomitant formation of calculus deposits and caries from in situ dentin caries model for short time periods. Six volunteers wore palatal removal appliances with four polished dentin specimens protected from intra-oral mechanical forces for up to 14 days. Each volunteer applied a 50% sucrose solution(More)
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