David Tacconi

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This paper deals with a system level design solution to support information gathering in the presence of a mobile querying node that experiences frequent disconnections from a Wireless Sensor Network (WSN), an application scenario that embraces the area of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS). The proposed scheme basically relies on the network(More)
With the advent of broadband connections, Internet service providers have begun to charge users with fees in order to cover the higher infrastructural costs due to the management/rental of broadband networks. However, the user is often left the chance for a free Internet connection, provided that he/she accepts to be invaded by banner ads, which(More)
Diagnosis of psychiatric diseases is currently accomplished with questionnaires filled in by the subjects, usually together with a specialist. Such questionnaires are often based on standard, formal scales, where questions range from the ability to cope with household activities, through social interactions, agitation, level of activity, to quality of(More)
Opportunistic communications have been extensively studied in the last few years, with special emphasis on the optimal trade-offs between the resources needed to operate such systems and the performance experienced by the end-users. We focus in this work on application scenarios, in which users exploit opportunistic communications to exchange and diffuse(More)
Wireless communications is moving from cellular networks towards a more distributed, self-configuring ad hoc oriented networks. Until a complete metamorphosis occurs, the emerging techniques that allow communication by using no infrastructure at all can be enjoyed at the presence of the vast infrastructure of cellular systems. Alternatively, this situation(More)
This paper deals with the problem of supporting sink mobility in a wireless sensor network. It focuses on a specific scenario, where mobile nodes act themselves as both end-users, when querying the WSN for specific information, and as sinks, when gathering the queried data. Due to the mobility of users and to the topology of the network, sinks experience(More)
In this paper we present a complete game system specifically designed for orthopedic rehabilitation. The system is focused in supporting patients both in the hospital and following them up during their home-based rehabilitation. RIABLO provides the patients with the tools for independently executing the therapy exercises in a correct and pleasure way thus(More)