David T. Chiu

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A comparative experimental study has been carried out in rats with denervated gastrocnemius muscles. Three groups of five rats were treated by three different types of implantation of nerve directly into muscle (neurotisation). In the fourth group, the common peroneal nerve was sutured to the transected tibial nerve. The fifth group was left denervated as a(More)
Nerve injury elicits both universal and limited responses. Among the former is regenerative growth, which occurs in most peripheral neurons, and among the latter is the long-term hyperexcitability that appears selectively in nociceptive sensory neurons. Since positive injury signals communicate information from the site of an injury to the cell body, we(More)
We have developed an innovative way to establish a functional bridge around a spinal lesion. We disconnected the T13 nerve from its muscle targets, leaving the proximal end intact. The cut end was inserted either into an intact spinal cord, to assess regeneration of T13 axons into the cord and synapse formation with spinal neurons, or caudal to a(More)
Over the last two decades, the autogenous venous nerve conduit (AVNC) has been established as an effective treatment modality for the repair of nerve gaps less than 3 cm. In this study, the spatial-temporal progression of Schwann-cell migration and peripheral-nerve regeneration across a 10-mm gap bridged by a venous conduit was examined, using(More)
  • D T Chiu
  • 1993
The ulnar dorsal digital nerve of the little finger overlies the prominence of the ulnar hemicondyle of the middle phalanx at the proximal interphalangeal joint level and is vulnerable to contusion injury when the hand is used to perform karate chops. Localized perineural and interfascicular fibrosis may ensue. Neurolysis is curative.
  • D T Chiu
  • 1981
A supernumerary extensor tendon to the left thumb was observed in a black female cadaver. It came from a bipinnate extensor indicis proprius and passed through the fourth synovial compartment, where it fused with the extensor pollicis longus at the midshaft level of the first metacarpal. This appears to be a rare anatomic variation. Since the review of(More)
OBJECTIVES To evaluate the sensitivity and specificity of a problem list automatically generated from the emergency department (ED) medication reconciliation. METHODS We performed a retrospective cohort study of patients admitted via the ED who also had a prior inpatient admission within the past year of an academic tertiary hospital. Our algorithm used(More)
The purpose of this study is to re-examine the probable directive effect of the distal stump of a severed peripheral nerve on regenerating axons. Forssman postulated the existence of such a directive influence and Cajal interpreted it as chemotactic in nature. This view was subsequently refuted by Weiss and Taylor. In our study the proximal stumps of(More)
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