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We describe algebraic methods for creating implicit surfaces using linear combinations of radial basis interpolants to form complex models from scattered surface points. Shapes with arbitrary topology are easily represented without the usual interpolation or aliasing errors arising from discrete sampling. These methods were first applied to implicit(More)
Muscle is the fundamental " motor " that drives all animal motion. We propose that changes in shape of moving human and animal figures will be accurately reproduced by simulating the muscle action and resulting forces that propel these figures. To test this hypothesis, we developed a novel computational model of skeletal muscle. The geometry and underlying(More)
Renewal of stem cells differs from cancer cell growth in self-controlled cell division. The mir-302 microRNA (miRNA) family (mir-302s) is expressed most abundantly in slow-growing human embryonic stem (ES) cells, and quickly decreases after cell differentiation and proliferation. Therefore, mir-302s was investigated as one of the key factors essential for(More)
OBJECTIVE The study was to exam if the great auricular point is a dependable landmark for finding the spinal accessory nerve. DESIGN A prospective study from January 2004 to August 2006 in a tertiary medical centre. SETTING A tertiary medical centre, Tzu Chi General Hospital. METHODS In the modified radical neck dissection, the topographic anatomy of(More)
Augmented reality systems with see-through head-mounted displays have been used primarily for applications that are possible with today's computational capabilities. We explore possibilities for a particular application---in-place, real-time 3D ultrasound visualization---without concern for such limitations. The question is not "How well could we currently(More)
Meta-analyses of bipolar disorder (BD) genome-wide association studies (GWAS) have identified several genome-wide significant signals in European-ancestry samples, but so far account for little of the inherited risk. We performed a meta-analysis of ∼750,000 high-quality genetic markers on a combined sample of ∼14,000 subjects of European and Asian-ancestry(More)
Accurate registration between real and virtual objects is crucial for augmented reality applications. Existing tracking methods are individually inadequate: magnetic trackers are inaccurate, mechanical trackers are cumbersome, and vision-based trackers are computationally problematic. We present a hybrid tracking method that combines the accuracy of(More)
In this paper, we present the modeling and estimation aspects of a virtual reality system for plastic and reconstructive breast surgery. Our system has two modes, a model creation mode and a model tting mode. The model creation mode allows a surgeon to interactively adjust the shape of a virtual breast by v arying key shape variables, analogous to the(More)
RNA-sequencing (RNA-seq) is a powerful technique to investigate the complexity of gene expression in the human brain. We used RNA-seq to survey the brain transcriptome in high-quality postmortem dorsolateral prefrontal cortex from 11 individuals diagnosed with bipolar disorder (BD) and from 11 age- and gender-matched controls. Deep sequencing was performed,(More)