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PD‐L1 expression in non‐small cell lung carcinoma: Comparison among cytology, small biopsy, and surgical resection specimens
One immunotherapeutic agent for patients with advanced non‐small cell lung carcinoma, pembrolizumab, has a companion immunohistochemistry (IHC)‐based assay that predicts response by quantifyingExpand
Gröbner Techniques for Low-Degree Hilbert Stability
We give a method for verifying, by a symbolic calculation, the stability or semistability with respect to a linearization of fixed, possibly small, degree m, of the Hilbert point of a scheme having a suitably large automorphism group. Expand
A geometric invariant theory construction of moduli spaces of stable maps
We construct the moduli spaces of stable maps, Graphic, via geometric invariant theory (GIT). This construction is only valid over Graphic, but a special case is a GIT presentation of the moduliExpand
Graph Curves *
We study a family of stable curves defined combinatorially from a trivalent graph. Most of our results are related to the conjecture of Green which relates the Clifford index of a smooth curve, anExpand
GIT stability of weighted pointed curves
In the late 1970s Mumford established Chow stability of smooth unpointed genus g curves embedded by complete linear systems of degree d ≥ 2g + 1, and at about the same time Gieseker establishedExpand
A new proof of a formula for the type A2 fusion rules
We give a new proof of a formula for the fusion rules for type A2 due to Begin, Mathieu, and Walton. Our approach is to symbolically evaluate the Kac-Walton algorithm.
Geometric invariant theory and moduli spaces of maps
The results of this paper have been subsumed by the paper "A geometric invariant theory construction of spaces of stable maps," Elizabeth Baldwin and David Swinarski, arXiv:0706.1381
On the $S_n$-invariant F-conjecture
By using classical invariant theory, we reduce the $S_{n}$-invariant F-conjecture to a feasibility problem in polyhedral geometry. We show by computer that for $n \le 19$, every integralExpand
Molecular testing on endobronchial ultrasound (EBUS) fine needle aspirates (FNA): Impact of triage
Endobronchial ultrasound (EBUS)‐guided fine needle aspiration (FNA) is performed to diagnose and stage lung cancer. Multiple studies have described the value of Rapid On‐Site Evaluation (ROSE), butExpand
Report of the ASHP Task Force on Caring for Patients Served by Specialty Suppliers.
Task Force recommendations are discussed in more detail in eAppendix A (available at www.ajhp.org). What follows is a brief summary of those recommendations. In very abbreviated terms, the Task ForceExpand