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In speech enhancement applications, a validated metric of noise reduction performance is vital in the relative ranking of noise reduction algorithms and in enhancing the performance of a noise reduction algorithm. Subjective scores of enhanced speech remain the yardstick for performance, but objective metrics that emulate subjective evaluations are(More)
A reference-free speech quality measure is proposed and assessed for hearing aid applications. The proposed speech quality metric is validated with subjective ratings obtained from hearing impaired listeners under a number of noisy and reverberant conditions. In addition, a comparison is drawn between the proposed measure and a state-of-the-art(More)
A non-intrusive objective speech quality and intelligibility measure tailored to hearing restoration instruments is proposed and evaluated in complex listening environments. The measure builds upon the previously-proposed “speech-to-reverberation modulation energy ratio” (SRMR) by incorporating hearing impairment percepts, such as hearing loss(More)
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