David Styers

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The virulence, antimicrobial resistance, and prevalence of S. aureus underscores the need for up-to-date and extensive insights regarding antimicrobial susceptibility trends. One approach to meet this need is analysis of clinical laboratory – based surveillance data. Data from The Surveillance Network-USA (TSN), an electronic surveillance network that(More)
BACKGROUND Rapid-release testing reduces the waiting period for administration of time-sensitive cell-therapy products. Current assay systems are labor intensive and time consuming. The Endosafe portable test system (PTS) is a chromogenic Limulus amebocyte lysate (LAL) portable endotoxin detection system that provides quantitative results in approximately(More)
BACKGROUND AIMS Shipment of therapeutic somatic cells between a current good manufacturing practice (cGMP) facility and a clinic or between different cGMP facilities requires validated standard operating procedures (SOP). Under National Heart Lung & Blood Institute (NHLBI) sponsorship, the Production Assistance for Cellular Therapies (PACT) group conducted(More)
We present a prenatal case with a 45,X,dic(Y;15) (q11.23;p11.1) karyotype and describe the inheritance pattern of the chromosome 15s. Chromosome 15 has an imprinted region and inheritance of both chromosome 15 from one parent results in either Angelman syndrome (AS) (paternal inheritance) or Prader Willi syndrome (PWS) (maternal inheritance). Parental(More)
BACKGROUND AIMS This study was initiated to determine whether CD34(+) cell selection of small-volume bone marrow (BM) samples could be performed effectively on the Isolex(R) 300i Magnetic Cell Selection System device and whether the results obtained from these samples were comparable with results from large standard-volume samples. The impact on CD34(+)(More)
BACKGROUND Reporting all adverse events (AEs) and serious adverse events (SAEs) in substance use disorder (SUD) clinical trials has yielded limited relevant safety information and has been burdensome to research sites. OBJECTIVE This article describes a new strategy utilizing standard data elements for AE and SAEs that defines a threshold to reduce(More)
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