David Stratton

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OBJECTIVE To examine the experiences of communication between older people and health and social care providers in six European countries. METHODS Focus groups were carried out with groups of older people (91 focus groups, 391 participants), and health and social care professionals (85 focus groups, 424 participants), in order to gain insights into(More)
Stage 2: Skill And Extension Knowledge Acquisition ON THE COMPUTER Step 1: Learn the lowest DB software interface to make the DB table, and implement basic inquiries, sort and searching. Step 2: Expand the number of records, using the example data that was learned through manual work, and input the data into the DB software. Step 3: Learn various commands(More)
Unmanned vehicles (UV's) are increasingly being employed in civil and military domains often for operations in dangerous environments. Typically these vehicles require some level of human supervision and therefore require a user interface to enable tasking and feedback. Most existing interfaces are specific to the UV and may require significant user(More)
This paper describes a novel approach to the on-line assessment of large groups of students, in which it may be desirable to maintain common questions between the groups. It is clear from the literature that computer based assessment has the potential to dramatically reduce the effort involved in testing and marking however problems arise where the cohort(More)
The Gas-Grain Simulation Facility (GGSF) is a multidisciplinary experiment laboratory being developed by NASA at Ames Research Center for delivery to Space Station Freedom in 1998. This facility will employ the low-gravity environment of the Space Station to enable aerosol experiments of much longer duration than is possible in any ground-based laboratory.(More)
Introducing security mechanisms into distributed simulation infrastructures like HLA and DIS offers the Defence and wider user community flexibility to deploy and execute simulations on networks with varying levels of classification. The SecProxy architecture, currently under development, aims to provide an extensive security system for use in a variety of(More)
The classic computer science degree begins by offering students insights into the workings of a stand-alone computer in order that they can be effective in their career in the computing industry. However, the interconnection of computers in networks is now so pervasive that students also need a foundation in network fundamentals. A simulated network is a(More)
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